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Small Animal Toys

Did you know that most small animals have teeth that constantly grow? Having chew toys in the cage will not only help prevent teeth from overgrowing, but it helps prevent boredom in the cage. If your pet does not have access to toys, they may become destructive and chew on things they shouldn’t, such as the cage, water bottle, or food dish. Chew toys come in a variety of different materials including wood, willow, loofa, and pressed paper. We have one of the largest toy sections around.

Loose Toys

We carry a large variety of loose toys. This gives you a chance to try out different toys to see what your animal likes best. Loose toys tend to go on the bottom of the cage so it is important to check them frequently to make sure they are clean and not sitting in any waste.

Hanging Toys

Because loose toys can sometimes get mixed up with bedding and thrown away, we offer a variety of hanging toys. These toys easily clip onto the top or sides of any wire cage.

Natural Toys

Although the colorful toys are made with safe non-toxic dyes, we have a good selection of all natural toys. We also carry a variety of toys made in the USA.

*Please Note: We do not recommend giving your pet anything that wasn’t made specifically for them. This includes paper towel/toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes. We also do not recommend bringing in something from outside for your pet, such as sticks or pinecones.

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming is only available between 11am and 9pm.

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Kitty City Cat Cam at Petworld Natick