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Small Animal Grooming & Health

An important element of care for your small animal is making sure that they are clean, well-groomed, and that they have all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy. At Pet World we carry a variety of items to help keep your small pet well-groomed and to protect against any deficiencies.

Brushes and Combs

Whether it’s to prevent matting or hairballs, or to remove shedding fur, most small animals require weekly brushing. We carry a variety of brushes and combs to help maintain a healthy coat on your pet. Brushing your pet can also be a good way to bond with him or her.

Shampoos and Dustbaths

While some pets do not require bathing, others do. We carry a variety of shampoos and deodorizers to help keep your pet clean. We also carry a variety of dust baths and bathhouses for animals that require it to help absorb oil and moisture from their coats.

*Please note: It is important to keep your pet’s cage clean. A clean cage means a clean pet!

Nail and Dental Care

Your pet’s nails are always growing. While some animals file them down by digging, others will need to get them clipped. We carry nail trimmers and styptic powder to help maintain proper nail care for your pet. We also offer nail clippings for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Your pet’s teeth are also always growing. It is important to offer plenty of chew toys at all times to help keep teeth from overgrowing.

Vitamins & Supplements

Some small animals are particularly prone to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It can be necessary to supplement with additives to their food or water to keep them healthy. We carry a variety of vitamins and supplements including, but not limited to, hairball remedies, vitamin C, mineral licks, and more.

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