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Small Animal Cages Accessories


At Pet World, you will find a large variety of cages with brands including Marchioro, Prevue Hendryx, Kaytee, Living World, and Maine Cage Factory. Having the proper size cage is essential for overall health and well-being. With any animal, the bigger the cage, the better. Please ask a store employee for assistance in deciding what size cage is appropriate for your small animal.

Food Dishes and Water Bottles

We offer a wide variety of food dishes and water bottles of all sizes for your small pet. For food dishes, we have ceramic bowls for the bottom of the cage and screw-on dishes for wire cages. For water, we have bottles made from plastic or glass. They range in sizes from 4oz to 32oz. We also have bottle holders that work in aquarium cages or for animals who like to play with their bottle. We even have bottle brushes, making it easier to keep your water bottle clean. It is very important that your small animal has access to clean, fresh water at all times.


All animals should have access to a shelter, a place to sleep or a place to hide. Houses are made from wood or plastic and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Plastic houses are easier to clean, while wooden houses hold up longer for big chewers.

Wheels and Exercise Balls

While all animals should have exercise outside of the cage, some small animals need it inside as well. We have a variety of wheels in all sizes, made from wire or plastic. Wire wheels are more durable, while plastic wheels tend to be better on the feet. We even offer “silent” wheels and saucer-type wheels.

Plastic balls are the perfect way to give your pet exercise outside of the cage. Please keep in mind that all animals should have access to water, so it is important not to keep your pet in a ball for too long. Always use balls under supervision to make sure your pet does not chew out.

*Please note: Not all animals use a ball or wheel. This includes rabbits and guinea pigs.


Some animals are very easily litterbox trained. Having a litterbox-trained pet makes cage cleaning much easier. We carry litterboxes of all sizes, perfect for hamsters to rabbits. Please ask a store employee for tips on litterbox training your pet.

Tunnels, Playhouses, and Climbing Structures

Aside from their house, small animals enjoy other things to run through, hide in, or climb on. We have a large selection of tunnels made from a variety of materials including cardboard, plastic, willow, and hay. We also have willow and hay houses, and hide-aways that small animals have fun chewing on. We have a variety of hanging things including hammocks and tunnels. Finally, we have a large variety of ledges, branches, ladders, and rope perches available in our bird department that are also perfect for small animals. Please ask a store employee for advice on what your pet may like.

Cage Mats and Fleece Beds

Cages with wire bottoms can cause damage to your pet’s feet. We recommend covering the wire with cage mats. We have plastic ones that are easy to clean or hay and coconut fiber mats that are fun to chew on. Most small animals also like having a soft spot to lay on. For this, we have fleece beds and “sleeping bags.”

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