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Small Animal Bedding Litter Cage Cleaning

Pelleted Bedding/Litter

Pelleted bedding comes in a variety of materials including wood and paper. Pellets are going to be the most absorbent, helping control odor in the cage. This makes it a good choice for use in litterboxes.

Paper and Wood Pulp Bedding

A good alternative to wood products, we carry a variety of paper-based beddings and litters. This type of bedding is a good choice for animals that like to burrow and hide. It is also a good choice for people and pets with allergies.

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings make up the most traditional type of bedding. Due to respiratory problems, we recommend never using cedar shavings. Aspen shavings are going to be the safest. While shavings tend to be the most economical, they are not the most absorbent.

Nesting Material

Most small animals need a nice, comfortable spot to hide or sleep in. We carry a variety of different nesting materials including all natural cotton and shredded paper.

*Please note: We do not recommend using products not designed for small animals to nest in. This includes cotton balls and tissues.

Cleaning Products

We carry a variety of scoops to help make cage cleaning easier. Urine build-up in the cage will not only have a strong odor, but it will destroy the bottom of your cage. We carry a variety of non-toxic, animal-safe cleaners to help control odor and preserve the bottom of your cage.

*Please note: Never use any household cleaners in your pet’s cage. Chemicals are toxic to your pet!

Litterbox Training

Most animals will use a certain part of the cage as a bathroom area. This makes it easy to litter train your pet. We carry a variety of litter boxes in all shapes and sizes. Please ask an employee for advice on choosing a litterbox and tips for training your pet.

Cleaning the Cage

We recommend scooping bathroom areas every day, and cleaning the entire cage every 5 – 7 days or as needed. This will eliminate your pet sitting in its own waste and will cut down on cage odor.

Exercise Pens

Having an exercise pen is also a good way to let your pet have room to run outside of the cage. We carry a variety of exercise pens appropriate for all small animals.


Whether it’s for a trip to the vet or for going on vacation, we carry a variety of travel crates and cages for your pet for any occasion. Please ask a store employee if you need help finding someone to care for your pet if you are going on vacation and can’t take them with you.


When the weather is nice, you may want to bring your pet outside. We carry harnesses and leashes for small animals to allow them more freedom and exercise without worrying about them running away.

*Please note: Animals should not be placed on chemically treated lawns!

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