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White's Tree Frogs

White’s tree frogs, also sometimes called dumpy tree frogs due to their somewhat frumpy appearance, can make great pets for first-time amphibian owners due to their docile nature and relative ease of care. White’s tree frogs typically don’t mind being held and it is fun to watch them chase down the crickets they eat.

Your White’s tree frog should be kept in terrarium at least 10 gallons in size with plenty of branches for him to climb on. You’ll want to use a terrarium substrate and not rocks or pebbles to line the cage as these frogs eat so aggressively that they can sometimes eat some of their substrate by accident. The frog should also have fresh chlorine-free water available all of the time and the environment should be sprayed with chlorine-free water daily.

If you want to have a White’s Tree Frog you will need to be comfortable with feeding live crickets and mealworms which is the appropriate diet for this frog. They will need to be fed a few crickets at a time 2-3 times per week.  These frogs can be susceptible to getting overweight so be sure not to overfeed them.

You can keep White’s tree frogs of similar size together in the same terrarium, but they should not be housed with other types of tree frogs.

If you are interested in owning a White’s Tree Frog, come in and check them out at our store and talk to one of our friendly associates about their care!

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