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Tetra Fish

Tetras are a popular type of schooling fish that make excellent pets for your home aquarium.  There are over 700 varieties of Tetra and Pet World has many great fish to choose from. Like most freshwater community fish, tetras require an aquarium with a filter and heater and they like to have plants and toys and other places to seek shelter within their environment.

Because they are a schooling fish, tetras do best in groups of five or more in a tank. They are relatively easy to care for and do well with daily feedings of a small amount of tropical fish food.

As with any type of fish, you’ll want to periodically test the water in your tank to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy environment, particularly before adding new fish to your tank’s community.

The staff at Pet World would love to help you learn more about tetras and whether they would be a great addition to your fish tank. We can also help you set up a new aquarium from scratch. Come in and visit us and we can get started.

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