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Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are a newer small pet that are steadily growing in popularity. Pet World is one of the few pet stores in Massachusetts that is specially licensed by the USDA to sell sugar gliders.

Originating from northeastern Australia and the surrounding islands, sugar gliders are now bred in captivity as pets. They get their name from the fact that they enjoy eating the sugary nectar of fruits and plants and they can glide on the air using their skin-like flap that extends from their forelegs to hind legs.

Pet sugar gliders need large cages, the taller the better in order to allow them plenty of climbing and movement. They are social animals and prefer to live in pairs or groups. They enjoy solid wheels for exercise. We recommend that sugar gliders be fed Exotic Pet Nutrition’s Sugar Glider Complete food. Sugar gliders are very susceptible to nutrient deficiencies and cannot be fed food meant for other types of small animals. You can supplement their complete food with mealworms, crickets, fruits and berries to give them healthy variety.

They are very fast and excitable animals so we don’t recommend them as pets for young children.

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