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Rose Hair Tarantula

Yes! We carry Tarantulas at Pet World. Tarantulas are a very cool exotic pet. We carry the Rose Hair Tarantula originally from South America due to its docility relative to other types of tarantula. While these tarantulas are typically docile and can be handled, excessive handling can cause them stress. Tarantula’s should be kept one to a cage (2-5 gallon tank size) and need a fairly warm environment to be comfortable (75 – 90 degrees is ideal) Thus, if you keep your home quite cool you may need to provide them with additional heat.  Tarantulas also need to molt periodically and it is important that they have adequate humidity in their cage (70%) for this process to go smoothly.  It can be fatal to a tarantula if they don’t molt properly.  They also should not be fed for three days after molting to avoid the risk of their newly exposed skin being injured by the insects they eat. Feed your tarantula meal worms and crickets from the pet store raised for food. He should also have access to fresh chlorine-free water at all times.

Be sure to provide your tarantula plenty of places to hide in his environment. He should have a soft substrate that allows him to dig and a house he can go inside to hide. Additional plant and stick decorations are also good to use, just make sure they are from the pet store and not from outside so you don’t expose him to parasites or disease.

All Tarantulas are capable of biting and Rose Hairs are no exception. If they do bite, their venom is weak and will cause little to no discomfort for most pet owners, however, it is possible in rare cases for people to have an anaphylactic reaction to tarantula venom so we DO NOT recommend them as pets in any households where a family member is allergic to bee stings.

Want to learn more about Tarantulas? Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable associates about them today.

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