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Parakeets, also sometimes called budgies or budgerigars, are one of the most popular types of pet birds in the United States second only to the cockatiel. Originally from Australia, parakeets have been bred in captivity for many years. Parakeets can live alone or in groups though they are very social and will not do well if left in isolation. They can live up to 7-15 years if properly cared for.

Parakeets should be provided with appropriate cages (bar spaces no more than ½ in. apart) and lots of enrichment toys to keep them active and their brains stimulated. They are smart animals and can be very personable with their owners. They should have multiple perches in their cage and be supplied with a cuttlebone or mineral block to provide extra nutrients. You should feed them a high-quality food formulated especially for a parakeet’s needs. Your parakeet will need fresh food and water daily and it’s cage should be cleaned using bird-safe cleaner a minimum of once per week.

Pet World carries a variety of parakeets. Come speak with one of our knowledgeable associates about whether a parakeet would make a good pet for your home.

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