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Leopard Geckos

Leopard Geckos are a great introductory pet for beginner reptile fanciers. They have been kept and bred in captivity for over 30 years. These geckos are found naturally in the deserts of Asia. Named for their spots and stripes they can come in a wide variety of varied appearances.

Leopard Geckos are docile and can get used to being handled gently by their owners. They should be kept in a terrarium of 10-20 gallon size with an under tank heater under part of the tank allowing for temperature variation within their environment so these cold-blooded animals can regulate their body temperature appropriately.  We recommend keeping thermometers in the coldest and warmest parts of their environment so that you can ensure that they all stay within the range of 75-85 degrees during the day and 65-75 degrees during the night.

Their tanks should be kept dry with a calcium sand substrate. But the terrarium should have one hiding place with moss that is sprayed moist for them for times when they need to shed their skin.  They should have clean, chlorine-free water available at all times in a sturdy dish to ensure that spills don’t occur and damage their environment. Leopard Geckos should also have additional hiding spaces provided that are kept dry. They tend to be clean animals and will usually eliminate in one area of their environment which can be spot cleaned to keep their terrarium clean and healthy for them.

Leopard Geckos eat live insects so they aren’t a good choice if crickets make you squeamish! Plan to feed your Gecko live crickets and mealworms dusted with a vitamin and mineral supplement formulated especially for them.

These lizards are fun to watch and have a lot of personality.  Come in to the store and visit us to check them out!

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