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Hamsters and Dwarf Hamsters

Hamsters typically can live 2-3 years. They are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night. Hamsters are a good choice for a first pet. Types of hamsters we typically have include Syrian, Chinese, and Roborovskii. Please call on availability if you are looking for a certain kind.

Syrian hamsters are the larger kind. Short-haired are usually called “Fancy” and long-haired are usually called “Teddybear”. These hamsters prefer to be alone because they get territorial. Temperament differs with each individual hamster and has nothing to do with breed, color, or sex.

Chinese Dwarf hamsters are much smaller than Syrian hamsters. Males can usually live together but must be separated if they show any sign of aggression. Because of their typically calm demeanor, they make for a good choice for smaller children (or for children of all ages!).

Roborovskii dwarf hamsters are even smaller than Chinese hamsters. Because of their small size, it is very easy for them to squeeze out of wire cages. “Robos” are social and can be kept in same-sex pairs. These hamsters require weekly dust baths to stay clean. Although they are very friendly, they are very fast and should be handled by younger children only under adult supervision.

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