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Green Tree Frogs

These adorable tree frogs originate from the Southeastern United States. They are fairly easy to care for, though more delicate than a White’s Tree Frog, so should not be handled excessively. These frogs average around four or five inches long and can live up to six years.

Green Tree Frogs are okay to live in groups as long as they have plenty of space in their cage. We recommend a 20 gallon high tank as a great environment for your Tree Frog terrarium and you could have two or three green tree frogs together in this size. Be sure to provide your tree frogs with plenty of terrarium branches to climb and places to hide and feel secure.

Green Tree Frogs eat a live carnivorous diet of insects, usually crickets and meal worms. They often benefit from regular supplementation with vitamin D as well. They should have fresh, chlorine free water available to them at all times and their environment should also be misted daily with chlorine free water to ensure they have enough humidity. High humidity is particularly important when they are shedding their skin. Their water bowl should offer places for them to sit in the water such as small rocks. Green Tree Frogs should be kept at a temperature between 68 and 77 degrees and in many New England homes this means a supplemental heat source and a thermometer will be required to keep them warm and healthy.

If you are interested in Green Tree Frogs, come on in to Pet World and see some today! We have everything you need. Our associates would be happy to help you with a proper set up and answer your questions.

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