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Goldfish are one of the most popular fish kept as pets in the U.S. Originally domesticated in China, they are now popular all over the world. Over the years, goldfish have been bred to have many different variations in their color and appearance.

While they are reasonably low-maintenance fish, it is a myth that they can be safely kept in bowls.  Goldfish need more space than a bowl can provide to be healthy.  They also produce high amounts of ammonia and require a filtered system to keep the quality of their water clean and healthy.

Pet World carries a variety of goldfish as well as various tanks and kits to choose from to create a great habitat for your goldfish. We have fun aquarium decorations and a variety of foods and treats that your goldfish can enjoy.

If you are interested in buying a goldfish, come visit us at the store and we can help you pick out all of the supplies you need. 

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