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Cockatiels are the most popular pet bird in America. Small in size, intelligent and social, well-cared-for cockatiels make excellent pets. While they still make plenty of noise, cockatiels tend to whistle more than screech which makes their sounds preferable to many other types of pet bird for owners who like a quieter environment.

Cockatiels need their wings clipped often, a service we offer here at Pet World by appointment. They need fairly large cages for their size which allow them to fully stretch their wings and move from perch to perch for exercise. They should have plenty of toys to enrich their environments and love things they can easily shred. Males will often whistle to themselves in mirrors as well.

Your cockatiel should have fresh food and water provided every day and should be fed a balanced diet formulated specifically for cockatiels. Many of the health issues that can occur in cockatiels, such as fatty liver disease, are a result of poor quality diet. Pet World has a variety of premium diets and healthy treats to help your cockatiel thrive.

If you are interested in a pet cockatiel, come visit us at the store in Natick and one of our knowledgeable associates can help you get set up with everything you will need to have a happy healthy cockatiel.

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