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Chinchillas originate from the Andes Mountains in South America. They have been bred domestically in the United States for many years. Chinchillas can live 15-20 years and are mainly nocturnal.

Because they are from high altitudes where it is cool and they do not have the ability to sweat, chinchillas can easily overheat and should be kept in temperatures of 75°F and lower. Heat stroke can be fatal for them. Chinchilla's bathe by rolling in a fine dust made of pomace. The dust absorbs oils and moisture from their coat and keeps them clean. Watching them take a dust bath is also very entertaining for their owners, they just love it!

Chinchillas are good jumpers and incredibly fast movers and they require a large cage with a solid bottom and ramps to higher levels.

They are delicate animals and this combined with their speed makes them better pets for adults than for young children.

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