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Canaries are small birds originally from the Canary Islands, which is how they got their name. Canaries are less social then the other birds we carry at Pet World and are typically sought after for their beautiful singing rather than for a readily social pet. There are over 200 breeds of canary, bred for their color, singing, or for special physical traits.

Canaries can be territorial, and thus, should be kept individually in cages with plenty of space. They should have toys and perches to keep them content. You’ll want to feed your canary a balanced diet specifically formulated for canaries and keep fresh food and water available to them at all times. You’ll need to clean your canaries’ cage a minimum of once per week.

Male canaries are more likely to sing than females. A healthy happy environment is important to facilitate singing.

If you are interested in a pet canary, come visit us at Pet World where you can visit our canaries and discuss their care with one of our knowledgeable associates.

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