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Betta Fish

The Betta is a very popular pet fish. Bettas are fairly easy to care for and are happy in smaller spaces than most other types of fish. Because they are labrynth fish and can get oxygen from both the water and the air at the surface of the water, they are the only pet fish that can be healthy without a full tank set up and can be kept in bowls. Betta’s originate from Asia where they live in rice paddies in small pockets of water. They are often referred to as Siamese Fighting Fish because of their territorial nature and the fact that two male fish in the same space will fight.

Because of this nature, it is important to keep your Betta as a solitary pet. Fighting the fish is cruel and can harm or kill them.

Bettas typically eat food from the surface of their environments so it is best to feed them a floating betta pellet that is balanced for their needs and will be easy for them to eat from the surface.  They only need a small amount of food each day. You should read the guidelines on your food container to ensure that you don’t overfeed them.

Bettas will need a portion of their water changed each week to ensure that toxins and bacteria do not grow out of control. Changing all of the water can cause shock to your betta and can be deadly.  We recommend that you change only 25-30% of the water at a time and that you add a water conditioner to help keep the environment safe and healthy for your pet betta.

Bettas come in a variety of beautiful colors and fancy tail shapes. Come into Pet World to view our bettas and pick your favorite to bring home.

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