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Reptile FAQs

What do you recommend for a family that has never owned reptiles before?

We carry a variety of smaller reptiles here at Pet World, including Bearded Dragons. These reptiles are great beginner lizards for those who may not have much experience caring for reptiles. Generally, these Bearded Dragons are reptiles that can be bred in captivity, are comparably available, permit regular handling, eat a great range of foods, and typically grow to be only about 18 to 24 inches in size. Green anoles and geckos are also available at Pet World and are smaller reptiles that can be wonderful first time pets for beginners.

What are the four groups that reptiles are divided into?

The four groups of reptiles are turtles, squamata, crocodilians, and tuataras. Turtles are the oldest of the groupings of reptiles and sport a protective shell that houses their bodies. Squamata reptiles are known for their breadth, include snakes and lizards, and periodically shed their skin. Reptiles known as crocodilians included crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and gharials. Interestingly, those in this group of reptiles are the most closely related to birds. Finally, the tuataras appear very similarly to lizards, but are distinguished from these other reptiles because their skulls are not jointed to their jaws. Tuataras reptiles can only be found on a few remote areas of New Zealand.

How many species of reptiles are there today?

There are almost 7,600 different species of the squamata reptiles with 4,500 species of lizards and nearly 2,900 species of snake. Turtles have 294 different species, crocodilians include 23 species, and finally, tuatara reptiles have just 2 species remaining.

When did reptiles first appear in existence?

It is commonly understood that reptiles are descended from amphibians and thought to have appeared during the Carboniferous Period, almost 340 million years ago.

What does temperature have to do with biological sex in reptiles?

In some reptiles, the environmental temperature during the second third of development for the embryo determines the sex of an offspring. Scientists call this process that occurs for some reptiles temperature-dependent sex determination.

Of all reptiles, which is biggest? Of all reptiles, which is fastest?

The biggest of all the reptiles of the salt water crocodile, growing up to 12 and a half feet long and weighing up to 2,000 pounds. The spiny tailed iguana is the fastest of all the reptiles and can run up to a speed of 20 mph.

What do reptiles typically eat as pets?

Diet for reptiles as pets depends mainly on what types of reptiles you own. Lizards typically have the diet of reptiles that consume mainly insects, known as insectivores, however, they might also eat fruits, plants, and some small animals, depending on what type of lizard. If you are interested in having pet reptiles that are turtles, it will likely eat a mix of fish, insects, and plants. Some pet stores supply pre-made food sticks or containers. Reptiles that are snakes, on the other hand, will consume mice and rats, or other small animals. No matter what types of reptiles you own, they will need plenty of water. For reptiles we have all the necessary supplements for you to keep your reptiles healthy. We also carry pelleted diets, live crickets and mealworms for reptiles as well. Our associates are happy to help you determine what type of food would be best for your reptiles. Come into Pet World and talk to one of our experts about reptiles and what the typical diet might be for the pet you are interested in today.

What if I don’t have the proper housing for reptiles?

Keeping reptiles can be a hobby that proves both educational and rewarding. Home aquariums make the perfect housing situation for many reptiles and provide entertainment for your family. When considering an aquarium for reptiles, considering the available space you have is necessary; you will want the biggest size possible to allow for more room for your reptiles. Additionally, you will need a sturdy table or an aquarium stand to put your new tank on for your reptiles. At Pet World we sell tanks up to 20 gallons, and we can special order larger tanks. Your new pet reptiles will require the appropriate substrate, heating and lighting depending on which reptiles you decide on. The well-being of reptiles depends on having an appropriate set up and environment.

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