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Rabbit FAQs

What kinds of rabbits are there?

As a member of the Leporidae family, rabbits are categorized into 11 genera, within which there exist 61 species of rabbits. While hares make up one genera of the 11, the remaining 10 genera are distinct categories for rabbits.

Where do rabbits usually live?

Rabbits are one of those animals that are found across the world. Rabbits can be found in Central and South America, Japan, Sumatra, India, and toward the middle latitudes in the Western Hemisphere. Rabbits, most commonly European rabbits are the species from which domesticated rabbits are bread and so have been purposefully spread around many countries.

How well do rabbits see, smell, and hear?

All of these senses are very good for rabbits. Rabbits are able to see almost all the way around with just a small blind spot in their back of their head because of the placement of their eyes. Furthermore, rabbits have an acute sense of smell and hearing. Sometimes rabbits even communicate with each other using their adapt sense of smell.

Why is it that rabbits use corophagia?

When animals, in this case rabbits, eat their own feces it is called corophagia. This behavior serves the purpose of counteracting the digestive system of rabbits. Due to the fact that rabbits consume all plants, the diet of rabbits is very high in cellulose, a substance that has proven difficult to digest. Rabbits further extract nutrients from the food they eat by engaging in corophagia. It is normal behavior for rabbits to try to ingest their own feces, and you should not worry if you see rabbits partaking in this behavior.

As pets, are rabbits a good choice?

Yes. Rabbits make great pets, as long as you are prepared for the responsibility. As both indoor and outdoor pets, rabbits are domesticated in different ways. Pet World suggests, however, having rabbits be indoor pets. Having both a cage to house rabbits in as well as having a bigger penned in area for rabbits to play in are both crucial aspects to setting up the best housing situation for your new pet. Exercise and play are necessary for rabbits’ health, and keeping shelving, tunnels, and toys for rabbits will help improve the available stimulation and entertainment. Running, jumping, and exercising will help rabbits live for many happy years. Rabbits are wonderful pets; just make sure you are prepared for the responsibility they entail. When ready, rabbits are an excellent source of companionship and fun.

Tell me some interesting facts about rabbits!

Rabbits are known to “binky.” To binky is when rabbits run and kick out their feet while in the middle of the air. This expression of energy means that the rabbit is joyful.

The rabbit on the Zodiac calendar is a representation of elegance, graciousness, kindness, and compassion, while in cultural myths, rabbits are associated with rebirth and fertility.

As a means to see better and to be aware of their surroundings, rabbits are able to balance themselves upright on their hind legs and feet.

Digging is a favorite pastime for rabbits. Having sand or dirt around is a great idea to provides rabbits with another way to play and use their digging instinct.

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