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Fish Tank FAQs

What do fish tanks consist of?

Generally, fish tanks have the following components: the tank itself, a lighting system, a heater or chiller (depending on the requirements of the pet), and of course, water. Some optional components of fish tanks include: a special hood for light fixtures, thermometers, and plant life. Some tanks come as kits which include the various components, and other some as a tank alone and heaters, hoods, etc must be purchased separately.

Can I buy fish tanks made from anything other than glass boxes?

Yes. Fish tanks can be made from a range of other materials such as plastic or acrylic. They can come in different shapes and sizes and can be customized in many different ways.

How big can fish tanks be?

Well, fish tanks are made in almost an infinite number of sizes. The smaller of available fish tanks are fish bowls that hold only about 1 litre of water, while the bigger of potential fish tanks are large public aquaria as those seen on display at aquariums. Most pet owners tend to have tanks that are 100 gallons or smaller.

What is involved in maintaining fish tanks?

Fish tanks require daily maintenance. Checking the fish living in fish tanks is important for signs of disease or discomfort. Additionally the water in fish tanks should be checked for cloudiness, foaminess, and temperature to ensure that the standards required are being maintained. Typically, fish tanks need to have about 10-20% of the water within them changed weekly, and any gravel or other material ought to be washed. While tap water is often not suitable for the fish living in fish tanks, there are many available water conditioners that can be added to tap water to make it safe.

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