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Dog Collar FAQs

Are there any types of specialized dog collars?

Sure! One option for specialized dog collars are bark control dog collars. These dog collars might involve a spray, a small shock, or an ultrasonic sound, each of which will interrupt your dog’s barking and deter it in the future. Unfortunately, using these dog collars does not address the root of the problem of why your dog barks, and while they might be useful in training, you should seek the help of a professional to determine why your dog barks excessively in the first place. Another type of specialized dog collars are flea or tick dog collars. These dog collars are pre-imbedded with chemicals that ward off fleas and ticks, and can be particularly useful if you walk your dog near or around wooded areas. There are various types of training collars, water resistant collars, safety break-away collars, GPS collars and more.

What kinds of colors do dog collars come in?

Dog collars can be found in an almost unlimited variety of colors and patterns. There are your standard range of red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and so on. Dog collars might also be patterned with animal prints or stripes. Almost any color you can come up with can be found amongst the available dog collars.

What brands of dog collars do you carry at Pet World?

Here at Pet World, we have a wide selection of dog collars. We carry such brands as Coastal Pet Products, Lupine, Spiffy Dog, Yellow Snow, Kiss My Mutt, and many more. Furthermore, we have dog collars that are non-slip, dog collars made from nylon and leather, all natural soy dog collars, as well as dog collars with reflective material to protect your dog.

Why is it important to use dog collars for my dog?

Dog collars are not only necessary when walking your dog on leash. A very important feature of dog collars is their ability to provide identification for your dog. Should your dog somehow run away from you, having tags with identification for your dog and contact information for you attached to your dog collars can be indispensible.

How do I know which of the many dog collars available is right for my dog?

Come on in to Pet World and talk to one of the members of our lovely staff. We have an extensive wealth of knowledge about dogs and dog collars, as well as a big selection of dog collars. We are happy to help guide you through the process and make sure you find which of the provided dog collars is best for your dog.

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