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Dog Bed FAQs

What are the different categories of dog beds?

There are bolster dog beds that provide support along the edges of the dog beds, mats and pads that are simpler and trim, nesting dog beds for those dogs who love to snuggle, orthopedic dog beds for older dogs or dogs that might need added comfort from dog beds, travel dog beds that are packable without losing comfort, and then classic dog beds that mimic a normal mattress and come in dozens of sizes.

What are the different fillings available for dog beds?

Depending on the fill within various dog beds, they will last longer or shorter and be more or less supportive for your dog. With dog beds containing polyfil, it’s simple to refill and re-fluff your dog beds over and over. Generally made from recycled soda bottles, this type of filling for dog beds is environmentally friendly and affordable. Dog beds can also have a baffled polyfil interior, utilizing a chambered design of connect tubes containing the polyfil and allowing for supportive dog beds that don’t bunch and become lopsided. Finally, foam is another alternative fill for dog beds. Foam dog beds come as box beds, cuddlers, and mats, and can contain just classic or orthopedic foam.

How do I tell which of the dog beds my dog will like best?

One tip is to see how your dog naturally cozies up to go to sleep. Some dogs sprawl out while others tend to curl up. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, so knowing the space your dog usually takes up while sleeping will help you narrow down the many choices of dog beds. Furthermore, try to note whether your dog likes to burrow at all, lean against something, or any other type of relaxation behavior. Dog beds are available that have various sized walls to provide leaning support and dog beds are available that are deeper for dogs prone to burrowing. Just by knowing your dog, you will have a good chance of choosing dog beds that are most appropriate and comforting.

How expensive are dog beds?

Dog beds come in a wide range of prices. Pricier dog beds are a great luxury for your dog, but are not always necessary. Be sure to research dog beds and pick out the features that are most important to you and your dogs needs. Excellent dog beds can be any price, as long as it suits the design required. We suggest you come into the store to view our wide variety of dog beds.

Are there special types of dog beds or are all dog beds basically the same?

There are dozens of ways in which you can specialize dog beds. Perhaps you are looking for a particular design or fabric so that dog beds do not stand out in your interior décor—dog beds come in hundreds of colors and patterns. Or, perhaps you have an older dog that has arthritis and trouble getting comfortable in typical dog beds—dog beds come in a variety of orthopedic structures and can offer great support and relief to your dog. Alternatively, you might be in search of dog beds that can allow your dog a place to rest while you lounge by the pool—there are dog beds built to be water and weatherproof so they are perfect for the outdoors. Dog beds can be found with almost any special feature you can think of. Just ask, and there are bound to be dog beds that match your ideal.

My dog gets too hot or cold when he sleeps, is there anything dog beds can do about that?

Yes! Dog beds are made with cooling as well as heating capabilities. If you notice that your dog cools down at night is looking for a place to snuggle to keep warm, try getting him heated dog beds. These tested and safe dog beds need to be used sensibly, but can provide immense comfort to your dog. On the other hand, if you find that your dog heats up when sleeping and can’t seem to keep cool, try looking for cooling dog beds. These dog beds function to circulate air and keep your dog cooled down whether they are generally heat producers or in the warmer times of year. Dog beds can be designed to heat or cool your dog as needed, so keep an eye out for dog beds with these personalized capabilities.

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