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Wellesley Chicken Supply

Wellesley Chicken Supply

Are you thinking about raising a flock of backyard chickens in Wellesley or the Metrowest? Already have a flock of chickens running around in your back yard? Pet World has the Wellesley chicken supplies you need to care for your chickens.

From chicken feeders and waterers to feed for your chickens, our Wellesley chicken supply department can help with whatever your chickens need. We carry live mealworms and crickets which can be healthy treats for your chickens to enjoy. Not into live worms? You can also buy our freeze-dried varieties as a delicacy for your Wellesley chickens.

Chickens can make an incredible addition to your back yard, when cared for properly laying hens can produce eggs nearly every day to supply your family with fresh food, and chickens are fun to watch as they play and forage. At Pet World we love every kind of pet and are happy to have Wellesley chicken supplies to help care for your brood.

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