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Wellesley Chicken Feed

Wellesley Chicken Feed

Are you looking for a place to buy quality chicken feed for your backyard chickens in Wellesley? Pet World is here to help. Our Wellesley area pet supply store carries a variety of chicken feed to keep your chickens happy and healthy.

As with any animal, chickens need appropriate food to grow strong and stay healthy. They have different dietary requirements when they are growing chicks and when they are full grown, and their nutritional needs can also vary by breed and based on whether they are being raised for meat or for eggs.

Most backyard chickens in Wellesley are layers and should be feed accordingly. Laying hens use a great deal of calcium in the development of the shells of their eggs. Your Wellesley chicken feed for these birds should therefore be very rich in calcium as well as protein for development. Pet World carries a veriety of foods which are excellent for caring for your hens.

If you happen to be raising meat chickens, they will need a higher protein food due to their incredibly fast growth rates. We also have food for this type of Wellesley chicken.

Pet World also carries a variety of treats and snacks for your Wellesley chickens, and we are happy to accommodate special orders whenever possible. Come visit and check out our chicken supplies.

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