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Wellesley Bunnies

Wellesley Bunnies

If you are thinking about bunnies as a possible pet in Wellesley, Pet World is where you should go. Wellesley bunnies range in size, coloring, and personality and here at Pet World we can help you find the right match. Wellesley bunnies are fed with an herbivore diet of plants, with hay and vegetables as their main source of nutrition. Living from about nine to twelve years, Wellesley bunnies are a long-term commitment that definitely results in years of joyful companionship. Here at Pet World, we also sell all sorts of shelves, tunnels, and toys that you could want or need for Wellesley bunnies. Making sure Wellesley bunnies find loving homes with dutiful owners is part of the job. Stop in today to check out our wide selection of Wellesley bunnies to see if you could bring home a new pet today!

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