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Wayland Dog Life Jackets

Wayland Dog Life Jackets

Does your dog love to swim? Do you like to take your dog out on your boat? Have a dog that can’t swim in a place near water for vacation? Dog life jackets are an important safety tool in summer, especially if you plan to go boating with your dog. Pet World carries dog life jackets and dog life vests in our Wayland area store.  Even strong swimmers may need some extra help to stay afloat in the water at times and most dog life jackets have convenient handles on the back to help to lift your dog out of the water and back onto your boat.

In case of an emergency you certainly want to make sure that your canine friends are protected along with your other passengers.  Brightly colored Wayland dog life jackets and dog life vests also make it much easier to spot your dog in the water. Come visit us as Pet World with your dog so that you can try on a selection of dog life vests to get the right fit and keep your dog safe this summer.

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