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Holliston Midwest Pet Cages

Holliston Midwest Pet Cages

Looking for a high-quality coated metal cage for your small pet in Holliston? Pet World is proud to carry high quality Midwest cages in our Holliston area store. These Midwest brand, coated metal cages are high quality and are suitable for degus, chinchillas, sugar gliders, and rats as they are both chew proof and spacious. They are multi-level cages with solid, movable shelves and no wire grate across the bottom which makes them safe for your pet’s sensitive feet. The coated metal slide-out tray they contain is easy to remove and clean. The multiple levels can help your pet exercise and give lots of opportunity to incorporate toys for their enrichment.

The Midwest pet cage is an excellent product and a great way to set up a safe and happy environment for your degu, chinchilla, sugar glider, or rat.

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