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Approximately 13 million reptiles are maintained as pets in the households of U.S. citizens today. Reptiles form one of the main groups of animals that include birds, fish, amphibians, invertebrates, mammals, and reptiles. Reptiles have two key features that make them reptiles. First, reptiles are cold-blooded. When an animal is cold-blooded it means that its body temperature reacts to the environmental temperature surrounding it. Accordingly, if reptiles are under warm lights or the sun, they will heat up, and if reptiles are in the shade or in cool water, they will cool down. A second feature held by reptiles is that they are covered in scales. The scales of reptiles can be large or small as well as hard or soft, and are necessary to protect the bodies of reptiles from abrasion as well as loss of moisture. Additionally, reptiles are distinguished by their ability to lay hard shell eggs. A distinguishing feature of reptiles that makes them different from humans is that reptiles do not have sweat glands. This is why they need to use their environment to cool down. Also, the scales of reptiles consists of the same substance that human nails and hair is made of—keratin.

Reptiles are classified as tetrapods, meaning that they have four legs. Even snakes who have lost their legs through the process of evolution are descended from tetrapods. Some commonly known animals which are classified as reptiles include turtles, snakes, crocodiles, alligators, tortoises, and lizards. Species of reptiles can be found all over the world on every continent, except for Antarctica. Reptiles have some of the longest lifespans of any animals in the world. Some tortoise reptiles can live up to 150 years of age. At Pet World we have a nice selection of reptiles for you and your family to choose from, including but not limited to Bearded Dragons, geckos, and green anoles.

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