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Rabbits make excellent pets. They are however, a high-energy animal and a long-term commitment. Rabbits love to eat grasses, plants, some weeds, bark, seeds, leaves, and sometimes flower buds. As a domesticated animal, rabbits typically consume timothy hay or grass, some form of pellet food, and vegetables. Rabbits commonly live more than nine years, but often less than twelve. Rabbits range anywhere from 14 ounces to 6.6 pounds can be between10 and 20 inches lengthwise.. Rabbits tend to be solitary animals, living on their own or in small packs. However, European rabbits are distinct in that they tend to live in larger colonies of other rabbits. Additionally, rabbits all have five distinct digits on each of their four feet and move around by balancing and propelling themselves from the tips of these digits. This method of movement, called digitigrade locomotion is common among rabbits.

Rabbits have a number of qualities that protect them in the wild. By remaining near their shelter and by burrowing or digging holes, rabbits work to always have a place to hide from any predator. Furthermore, rabbits have an incredibly wide range of vision because rabbits’ eyes are very laterally placed on their heads. Their wide-ranging vision helps to further protect rabbits. Rabbits use their fine-tuned sense of smell as a means of communication with other rabbits, and as a way to mark territory. Different parts of the landscape might be marked by rabbits with secretion from groin, cheek, or chin glands in order to notify other rabbits that they are looking to reproduce or as a way to alert other rabbits they are on claimed land.

Rabbits will mate with a number of different rabbits rather than having one partner for the rest of their life. Rabbits can have multiple litters of offspring each year, as they are able to reproduce at a young age. The average litter of rabbits consists of up to seven baby rabbits and gestation only lasts 30 days for rabbits. Another interesting fact is that mating itself actually activates female rabbits’ gestation, making them reflex ovulators.

Come into Pet World today to ask more questions and hear more information about rabbits. We carry a huge variety of rabbits and want to set them up with a loving and suitable home.

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