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Goldfish were one of the first fish to be domesticated (originally in China over a thousand years ago) and remains one of the most common fish to be kept in home aquariums. A freshwater fish, and a member of the carp family, goldfish can vary in shape, size, and coloration. Goldfish can be bred in a manner that prolongs and intensifies specific characteristics, making them differ from the traditional goldfish. Goldfish that possess a rounder body or a double tail are referred to as fancy goldfish and are an example of the development of certain features. Fancier breeds of goldfish cannot be kept in ponds because they are delicate by nature and unable to withstand the fluctuating temperatures.

Each goldfish has a unique personality of its own. A common behavior of goldfish are to crowd into one corner of the tank in hopes of getting food whenever a person comes into the room. Goldfish are incredibly smart. With time and effort, your goldfish can be trained to do tricks and even eat right from your hand. Compared to many other typical pets for children, families, or fish enthusiasts, goldfish are generally low maintenance animals and do not run the risk of behavioral problems when interacting with their owners. Furthermore, in a fish tank that is big enough, goldfish will all get along with each other if you have the desire for more than one. These clever little creatures are a staple of many homes and provide a beautiful background in any room. A goldfish could be the perfect pet and companion for you.

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