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Fish Tanks

Having a fish as a pet can be both rewarding and fun! Aquatic pets are unique in many ways. One universal experience for all fish owners is choosing from many available fish tanks. Fish tanks come in numerous shapes and sizes and vary in specific qualities needed by your aquatic pet. Fish tanks and their dwellers can provide entertainment for hours, and the scenery fish tanks afford is calming and beautiful.

Basic fish tanks are defined as any glass container with as least one transparent side that is used to house aquatic animals. Fish tanks can be used to keep fish, turtles, reptiles, amphibians, or even plants. From a small bowl to large aquarium, fish tanks come in many shapes and sizes. For households however, fish tanks are typically smaller scale. In the early twentieth century, the air pump was invented to replace electricity as a source of power with running water. Fish tanks grew in popularity with the spreading of electricity accessibility, as this allowed for lighting, filtration, and heating capabilities. Additionally, as more types of fish were able to be imported, fish tanks expanded even more into a hobbyist market. Keeping up fish tanks is now the second most popular hobby in the country.

Fish tanks are most commonly assembled from glass panes and silicone sealant. Today, acrylic and plastic fish tanks are growing in popularity because of their stability. Fish bowls, the most commercialized type of the many fish tanks available, are extremely common in households with one to two fish. However, fish tanks come in other shapes, such as cuboid, rectangular, hexagonal, bowed, L-shaped in order to fit into a corner, and more. Fish tanks are sized according to need, but can range from tiny household 1-litre fish bowls to giant public aquariums with entire ecosystems. The majority of fish nowadays require fish tanks with at least two forms of filtration. Most of the available filters come with both mechanical filtration and biological filtration. Fish tanks require daily maintenance to ensure the health of their inhabitants. This includes checking the fish, the cloudiness of the water, the temperature inside the tank, and anything else that might affect the climate within fish tanks.

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