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Dog Houses

A dog house is just as it sounds—a house built just for your dog! Typically a dog house is some type of shed designed to protect your dog from the elements outdoors. As a safe space sheltered from the weather, a dog house is a great idea for any dog owner who let’s their loved one play often outdoors in a fenced-in yard. Use of a dog house dates back to almost 4500BC when the Egyptians would keep their dogs in a dog house, commonly built of mud or brick. With the rise of hunting, the importance of owning a proper dog house grew. As dog breeding came into its own, the more elite members of society became more involved in it and began to house their pups in a dog house that matched their level of wealth. The most common type of dog house at the time was the pitched roof dog house. Until recently, a dog house would most commonly have been built by hand on an individual basis. Now, each dog house typically comes assembled straight from a factory. The use of plastic to build a dog house was not a common method until the 1960s. Today, it is common to both buy a dog house pre-made and to build a dog house from scratch. Either way, having a dog house as a source of shelter for your dog is an excellent idea for any dog owner.

You can find a dog house in any shape or size you desire, or make your own dog house to perfectly suit your needs. A dog house might be built to be stationary or portable. A portable dog house may also be known as a dog box, a dog crate, or a dog tent. Within the category of a stationary dog house, there are numerous types to consider. Wood is the most popular material for building a dog house. A wooden dog house is inexpensive, easy to work with, and aesthetically appealing. There are three main roof designs for a wooden dog house. A pitched roof dog house is a classic peaked roof, reminiscent of a typical human home. A single panel flat roof dog house involves a single flat cut of wood, slightly tilted toward the back, allowing for run off and a comfortable place for dogs to relax. Finally, a loft roof dog house utilizes the roof as an overt loft. There might even be some type of railing or stairs for dogs to use. A plastic dog house is another popular option for dog owners. A plastic dog house is often inexpensive, very easy to assemble, and requires minimal maintenance. Some more common shapes of dog house when make from plastic include the igloo shape and the standard peaked roof. A metal dog house is rarer, but an option. Usually a metal dog house will be a standard rectangular shape and be made from either stainless steel or aluminum. Pet World carries a variety of wooden and plastic dog houses.

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