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Dog Crates

Dog crates are welcome and useful commodities for any dog owner. Providing a safe and comfortable place for you dog, dog crates can be used for travelling, training, and general containment of your dog during times of stress or sleeping. Crate training is a specific type of method used that orients your dog to behaviors based on using the dog crate. Toilet training a new puppy, travelling in the car, showing at dog shows, and providing a space to go when having guests over are some of the ways in which dog crates are used.

The main features of dog crates to consider when purchasing one are cost, durability, style, and portability. Solid plastic dog crates are very durable and ideal for travel, such as when flying for some reason, and can be more secure in the event of a car accident. However, solid plastic dog crates take up a lot of space and cannot be easily stored by folding down to a manageable size. Dog crates do exist that have been designed specifically to be used in certain cars. These crash tested steel dog crates are designed to crumple is matched ways to their intended car as a way to further your dog in the event of a car crash. They are not, however, suitable for many other situations. Aluminum and wire dog crates can be designed to remain fixed or be foldable for storage. The benefits of this type of dog crate is their portability, they are reasonably easy to move (although they vary in weight depending on the material used), they tend to be very sturdy, and they allow for a great amount of airflow for your dog and visibility for the owner. Finally, soft dog crates are very lightweight and easy to store. The only warning with soft dog crates is to be aware if your dog is likely to chew or scratch at the dog crate, as these are more easily damaged than other types of dog crate.

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