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Fish Exotics Food Supplies Starter Kits


Pet World carries a broad array of food for fish, reptiles and amphibians. We have flaked and pelleted fish food and weekend feeders for when you go away for the weekend.

For reptiles and amphibians we have essential supplements to keep your pet healthy, pelleted diets, live crickets and mealworms as well. Our associates are happy to help you determine what type of food would be best for your pet.

Aquariums & Terrariums

Fish keeping can be a rewarding and educational hobby. Home aquariums provide many hours of enjoyment for the entire family. There's no denying that a home aquarium adds a sense of relaxation to your space.

When choosing an aquarium, you will need to decide which size tank will fit your space. You will need an aquarium stand, or sturdy desk or table, on which to put your tank. Remember, even a 10 gallon tank will weigh over 100lbs when full of water and gravel. Try to purchase the largest tank your space will allow. A bigger aquarium is easier to maintain than a smaller one. Pet World stocks tanks up to 20 gallons, and larger tanks are available by special order.

An aquarium can make an excellent terrarium as well. You will need appropriate substrate, heating and lighting depending on the reptile or amphibian you choose as your pet. Having an appropriate set up and environment is essential to the well-being of your pet.

Starter Kits

Interested in an aquarium but don’t know where to begin? Pet World carries complete starter kits great for the beginner hobbyist. These starter kits come with tank, hood, filters, heaters, the water conditioners to get you started, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Just add gravel and fish!

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming now available!

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