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Dog Wearables

Whether your dog is a simple, flat-collar only kind of guy or likes to wear the latest fashions, we have what you need for your dog to wear. From the basics like leashes, collars, harnesses and I.D. tags, to things like coats, jackets, sweaters and boots (some items may be seasonal), we have what your dogs needs to be comfortable in the elements and stay safe and in control.

Coats & Jackets

Some dogs love the chilly weather while other shiver the moment you take them out on a brisk day. We have coats and jackets to help your dog stay warm and dry in any weather. Ranging from lightweight to heavy snowsuits and rain jackets for summer, we have excellent outdoor gear for your dog.


When you don't need something as heavy as a jacket, but want to keep your furry friend warmer than his fur alone allows, a sweater can be an excellent option. We carry dog sweaters in a variety of sizes, patterns, and materials and are sure to have something to please owner and pup alike. Need help sizing? Bring your dog in and our staff will help you fit an appropriate sweater for your dog.


Boots can be an excellent tool to help protect your dog's feet from harsh winter cold and road salt. They also prevent those nasty between-the-toe snowballs that so many pups don't like. We have a variety of boots for your dog from high-end sled-dog boots to simple disposable rubber styles to protect your pup's feet from the elements.

ID Tags

Pet World will custom-make your I.D. tag while you shop! We have a wide selection of engravable tags, that can be made in minutes on our laser engraver. We also carry reflective tags and tags you can personalize, as well as tags that light up, glow and tags that flash! And, if the sound of your dog’s tags jingling keeps you up at night, we have tag silencers too!

Harnesses & Collars

We carry a variety of collars from nylon to hemp to leather and more. We have virtually every type of dog collar you could need. Sometimes safer for your pet than traditional collars, we also carry an assortment of harness styles, including front clip and step-in styles. Bring your pet in for a custom fitting today! Many of today’s trainers recommend headcollars, for gentle effective control of any unruly dog. We will be happy to recommend a headcollar for your dog’s breed and temperament.

Leashes & Accessories

Pet World carries a large selection of collars and leashes, including brands such as Coastal Pet Products, Lupine, Spiffy Dog, Yellow Snow and Kiss My Mutt. The different types of collars and leashes in our store include non-slip, nylon and leather, all natural soy, and reflective materials.

Retractable Leashes

Perfect for the beach and strolls through the park, we carry retractable leashes for any size or strength dog. Available in many different lengths and colors in corded or tape style for more powerful dogs, a retractable leash is a great way to exercise your dog. *For your safety, Pet World recommends retractable leashes to be used under careful adult supervision, only.

Kitty City Cat Cam

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