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Training Aids

When training a dog or puppy, there are a plethora of tools available to help you. Management is an important aspect of training. We have management tools like crates and pens, wearable tools like collars and harnesses, specialized cleaning supplies for accidents in the house, and many other items to make training your dog go smoothly.

Training Collars & Tools

From training clickers, to whistles and treat pouches and everything in between, we have the equipment you need to train your dog. Whether you are a novice, or compete in obedience trials, Pet World has what you need.

Dog Crates

There are many different styles of crates and carriers, and we carry a large selection here at Pet World. We have wire crates for housetraining, plastic molded, and soft-sided “travel” crates and carriers for dogs on the go! No matter the purpose, Pet World has a wide assortment of dog crate choices in different materials and sizes for your pooch.

Exercise Pens

Another security and transportation assistance tool sold at Pet World is an exercise pen. These easy-to-transport pens are ideal for your dog to help with housetraining, create a confined play space or to assist your dog during recovery from an injury or illness. Comprised of six to eight hinged metal panels, exercise pens are easy to store, move and travel with.

Housebreaking Aids

Pet World carries many different stain and odor control products, as well as deterrent sprays, to keep your pet from resoiling in the same area. We also carry “doggie diapers” and piddle pads when inclement weather or illness makes it impossible to go outside. Talk with our knowledgeable staff about which products meet your needs.

Enzyme Cleaning Aids

When your dog has an accident in the house, its important to clean it up with cleaner that will eliminate not only germs, but all of the scent from the mess, even to a dog's keen nose. Proper cleaning helps to eliminate the desire to re-mark the spot again later. Enzyme cleaners are specially formulated to completely eat away at and remove urine, feces, and vomit when they happen in the house. There are also enzyme cleaners that help with general cleaning and deoderizing of your pets crates, bedding and other materials while being safe and non-toxic for your pet. Pet World carries several leading brands of enzyme cleaners and can help you find just what you need to clean up after your dog.

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming now available!

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