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Dog Toys

Pet World has a large selection of dog toys appropriate for every breed, activity level, and age of dog. We carry soft toys and super tough toys, such as “Kong” and “Nylabone.” Our stock includes latex and squeaky toys as well as interactive toys, puzzles, and games, for hours of fun with your pet. Pet World also carries and recommends “West Paw Design,” a full line of dog toys, made in the USA!

Chew Toys

Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs and puppies. Chew toys provide a safe outlet for your dog to chew and gnaw. Pet World carries a variety of natural chew toys like bully sticks, marrow bones, antlers and Himalayan Dog Chews as well as many synthetic options like Nylabones and rubber toys. Chew toys are meant to be enjoyed by your dog under your supervision.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are toys meant for you and your dog to enjoy together. We carry a wide variety of interactive dogs toys, from things like Chuck It for games of fetch with ease to items like puzzles and games that your dog can solve for ever-important mental stimulation. Do you love playing with your dog? Come check out our selection of fun, interactive dog toys.

Tug Toys
Tugging with your dog can be a safe and effective game when you teach your dog to play with appropriate boundaries and rules. It can help exercise your dog, teach them impulse control, and is often used as a positive reinforcement in training. Dogs can also enjoy games of tug with one another. We have a variety of tug toys in different sizes and materials to suite any type of dog. We have tug toys with attachments, those made with fleece, rubber, or rope. If your dog loves tug we are sure to have a toy they will enjoy.
Stuffed Toys
Stuffed toys can provide solace to a puppy away from its litter for the first time, can be used for fetch, for squeaking, or for most any type of play with your dog. Pet World has a variety of plush toys in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. We have them with or without squeakers. We have hundreds of toys to choose from and are bringing new options in all the time. Does your dog have a favorite toy you'd like to replace? Bring it in and we will try to help you find the same toy or one very similar that they can enjoy. We love helping your find the right toy for your dog.

Kitty City Cat Cam

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