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Grooming & Health

At Pet World we carry a large array of grooming products from combs, brushes and clippers to shampoos and conditioners. We can help you choose the proper grooming products for your pets’ coat type and condition, to improve his or her appearance and overall health.

Dog Nail Trimmers

For the do-it-yourselfer, we have nail trimmers and clippers to keep your pets’ feet happy and pain free. We can even show you the proper way to clip your pets’ nails, and provide you with the right equipment to get the job done! We recommend you trim your pets’ nails at least every four to six weeks.

Shampoo & Coat Conditioners

Pet World carries a large selection of pet shampoo and conditioners. We carry all-natural and vitamin-enriched products, as well as products that help soothe irritated or problem skin and coats. Pet World can help you choose just the right product for all of your grooming needs. Some of our more popular brands include BioGroom, Lambert Kay, and One Earth.

Flea & Tick Products

Get complete flea and tick control, including once-a-month topical flea and tick treatments and preventives like Advantage II, K9 Advantix II, Frontline Plus, and Bio Spot. Find flea and tick spray, foggers, and flea shampoo to tackle an existing dog flea or tick problem. We also carry Seresto, a collar that works like a topical and lasts for 6 months! Or, kill adult dog fleas immediately with Capstar. As with any medications, remember to follow the directions and follow these simple steps to help prevent problems:

  • Never use dog treatments on cats, and vice versa
  • Always be certain of your pet's weight before purchase to ensure proper dosage
  • Don't split one "large dog" dose in half for two small dogs (or combine two "small dog" doses for one large dog)
  • Read and follow all instructions when using these products
  • Do not use these products on elderly or pregnant animals. Pet World also carries a large choice of all natural and herbal flea and tick solutions, such as Ark Naturals’ Flea Flicker & Tick Kicker and Resultix.
Dental Hygiene

Most owners tend to overlook the importance dental hygiene can make in the overall well being of their pet. At Pet World, we understand the importance of your dog’s dental health. We carry many different styles of toothbrushes, dental aids, and treats and chews. Most importantly, good dental hygiene may prolong your dog’s life, because infected gums release bacteria into the bloodstream that can attack organs throughout the body.

Vitamins & Supplements

We all want our dogs to be as healthy and long-lived as possible, so it makes perfect sense to feed them well. But can the same food that we plop into the bowl every day fulfill 100 percent of our dog’s dietary needs?

Sometimes dogs need a supplement to enhance their diet and provide nutrients they may be lacking. Pet World carries many different vitamins and supplements to maintain healthy skin and coat, provides probiotics for improving digestion, reduce shedding, improve mobility, and offers supplements for aging or debilitated pets.

If your pet is being treated for any medical condition, always check with your veterinarian before using any type of supplements.

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