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Toys & Treats

Not only do cat toys help fend off boredom, they also increase your cat's activity level, problem-solving ability, and mental alertness. At Pet World, we have teaser toys, feather toys, and catnip toys in abundance! Our selection includes carry furry toys, fuzzy toys, crinkle toys, plush toys and much more. We have cat toys from brand names such as Kong, Votoy, Doc Pussums, Fat Cat, Yeowww! and Ethical. We also carry fresh and dried catnip and cat grass!

Cat Scratchers & Furniture

A quality cat scratcher may just save your household furniture! Cats have an innate need to scratch. If you do not provide them with an alternative, they will scratch your household furniture and other surfaces. Our selection of simple corrugated cardboard scratchers, carpet scratch posts, and sisal scratchers help satisfy a cat’s need to scratch while also keeping his or her claws conditioned. Come to Pet World to find the scratcher that meets your cat's preferences AND your budget!

Pet World also carries a large selection of locally handmade cat furniture. All of our carpeting and sisal furniture is made in Maine. The furniture contains no staples or nails, and has a sturdy construction build. Compare our quality to other retailers.

Puzzles & Games

Pet World has just the ticket when it comes to entertaining your fantastic feline. Indoor cats get bored, and boredom can lead to destructive or unwanted behaviors. We have a great selection of interactive and puzzle toys to keep your kitty occupied for hours!

We carry interactive toys such as Turbo Scratcher, Pet Mate, Zanies, and Savvy Tabby.

Cat Treats

Pet World carries a large selection of cat treats including semi-moist (kinda squishy), crunchy, and freeze-dried treats. Catnip treats and fish flakes from brands like Bonitos Taste of the Wild, Greenies, and many more are also sold at our store. We are sure to have that special treat your cat will love!

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming is only available between 11am and 9pm.

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Kitty City Cat Cam at Petworld Natick