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Cat Supplies & Accessories

Pet World has many supplies and accessories to help you take care of your pet cat. From an array of dishes and bowls to beds, and window perches to pet doors, we have all the supplies you need to set up your home for your cat to enjoy.

Cat Doors

While we don’t always advocate an outdoor kitty, sometimes a pet door can be a handy way to let your cat have access without having to open and close the door each time. Cat doors also come in handy to keep your dog away from the litter box, and come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Pet World also sells electronic cat doors that only allow a specific cat/cats to use them! Whatever your reason, we have a cat door that will fit your need and budget.

Cat Beds

Find a cat bed or pad just right for your feline friend at Pet World. Does your cat like to burrow into blankets, crawl inside cozy quarters, or snuggle into something incredibly soft? Then try one of our cat beds or throws! Pet World has a nice selection of cat beds, including heated cat beds, catnip pads, hideaways, wicker cat beds, fleece furniture throws, fancy cat beds, and more.

Tents & Tunnels

Does your cat love to hide in paper bags or cardboard boxes? If so, check out our cat tents and tunnels. Made with attractive fabric, and some even crinkle just like a paper bag!

Cat Bowls

We carry a great selection of cat food and water bowls. We have everything from stainless to crock, in decorative and whimsical patterns and styles. Pet World also has bowls to slow down those fast eaters!

Stainless steel remains the most popular choice for cat dishes for a number of good reasons. An impervious stainless steel surface will not absorb odors, does not stain, and is easy to clean and disinfect. Most cats won't pick up or try to chew on stainless steel, so your bowls stay shiny, clean, and new. They're also heavier so they're less likely to tip over and are dishwasher safe.

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming now available!

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Kitty City Cat Cam at Petworld Natick