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Grooming & Health

An important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy is making sure that they are well-groomed and have adequate nutrition. While cats often do well bathing themselves, they sometimes need a little help. We have shampoos and conditioners and waterless shampoos to help keep your kitty clean. We also have flea and tick treatments and supplements for when they need a little extra nutrition or perhaps a hairball remedy.

Cat Flea & Tick Products

Pet World understands there are many products on the market for external parasites, which may be confusing. We carry Frontline and Advantage as well as Soresto Flea & Tick collars, as well as many all natural, pesticide-free options. Let us help you choose which products will work best for your cats.

Cat Dental Products

Unfortunately, most owners tend to overlook the importance dental hygiene can make in the overall well-being of their cat. Good dental hygiene may prolong your cat’s life, because infected gums release bacteria into the bloodstream that can attack organs throughout the body. At Pet World, we understand the importance of your cat’s dental health. We carry many different styles of toothbrushes, dental aids, diets, treats and chews.

Milk Replacers

Hand rearing a litter of abandoned kittens can be rewarding, but also challenging. We have all the supplies you will need to foster those baby kitties until they are ready to eat on their own, including bottles and milk replacers.

Vitamins & Supplements
While most cats get the nutrition they need from a balanced diet, sometimes they need a little something extra to help them pass a hairball, deal with anxiety, or sooth sore joints. We carry a variety of supplements for cats from vitamins to natural anxiety remedies to joint supplements to help them as they age. Come in and check out our expansive cat department to see if we have the remedy your cat needs.

Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming now available!

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Kitty City Cat Cam at Petworld Natick