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Top Supplies to be Sure to Have on Hand for your New Puppy

Top Supplies to be Sure to Have on Hand for your New Puppy

Did you know that March 26 is National Puppy Day? There’s not much we love more around here than puppy breath and puppy zoomies.

Helping our customers prepare for the arrival of a new pup is one of or favorite activities. Looking forward to bringing home your pup is such a joyful experience and we are always honored when you share it with us!

Being well prepared for your puppy’s arrival can help make the adjustment less stressful for you and for them. Here are some of the supplies we recommend you have on hand before you bring home your pup.

The Basics

Every dog should have a leash, collar and/or body harness, identification tags, food and water bowls, and food. Its best to speak with your breeder or shelter manager to find out what your puppy is used to eating. Puppies can have sensitive tummies that don’t easily adjust to rapid changes in their food. You’ll want to have enough of their food they are used to on hand to take several days to transition via mixing if you intend to switch. We have one of the widest selections of dog food in the area complemented by plenty of bowls to choose from. We are happy to help select appropriate leashes and collars and we can make you an ID tag right here in the store while you wait.

Environmental Management Tools

We highly recommend purchasing a crate for your new puppy. Crate training helps accelerate how quickly a pup can learn not to potty indoors, and it also helps to ensure that your puppy is safe when unattended (be sure to always remove collars and other gear from your pup when they are alone in their crate). Gates and exercise pens can also be useful to restrict your puppy’s access to certain areas of you home to ensure their safety and the safety of your belongings from puppy teeth.

Toys, Toys, and More Toys!

One thing you will quickly learn is the puppies are very active when they are awake, and if they aren’t provided with entertainment, they will likely create their own, and it may not be what you had in mind! Having a variety of toys available that you can rotate the pup’s access to can help to keep them interested and out of trouble. We have stuffed toys, chew toys, puzzle toys, interactive toys, fetch toys, and much more to help keep your puppy entertained and their environment enriching. Picking out toys for your puppy is a great deal of fun, and we are always here to help if you have questions.

Clean Up Supplies

Even the easiest puppies are likely to have a few potty accidents in the house while they are learning where they are supposed to go. Its important to have a specially formulated enzyme cleaner to clean up places where puppy goes potty indoors. Regular household cleaners can kill germs and may remove the odor that you can smell, but dogs have highly sensitive noses and can often still smell urine and fecal matter after the cleanup unless you use a specially formulated cleaner with enzymes to remove the smell. If they can small where they had an accident it can trigger them to repeat the offense, so this is a worthwhile investment. Nature’s Miracle and Simple Solution are a couple of our favorites.

Training Supplies

Puppies can be trained beginning as soon as you bring them home. The best way to train is to positively reinforce good behaviors that you want to see repeated, and the easiest way to do that is with treats! We have a huge selection of training treats for your pup, as well as other tools such as clickers, no pull harnesses, and housetraining aides like pee poles. We can help you find most any training supply you might need for your pup.

Grooming Tools

All dogs require regular nail trimming and most benefit from regular brushing or combing as well. Some require daily maintenance to prevent their coats from tangling and matting. We carry an expansive selection of grooming supplies from nail trimmers to shampoos and conditioners to brushes and combs and more. Research the types of equipment your pup will need to maintain a healthy coat and nails and get them started early in getting accustomed to being groomed.

In addition to the essentials listed above, we have thousands of other items to help keep your dog healthy, happy, and safe. Check out our dog section of the website for more, or better yet come in and we’ll be happy to give you a tour of the store and help you find whatever you and your pup need!

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