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Tips for Proper Dog Etiquette

Tips for Proper Dog Etiquette

We dog owners adore our dogs. We often adore everyone else’s dogs as well. Many of us like to take them with us as many places as we can.

At Pet World we have many supplies that can make travel and hiking with your dog safer and more pleasant for both of you. But, what about the non-dog lovers out there, canine and human alike? How can we make sure that we keep things safe and pleasant for them as well so that we can all coexist together happily?

There are some basic bits of dog etiquette that some newer dog owners may not be familiar with. We aim to shed some light to make for more pleasant interactions (or lack thereof) for all.

  1. Follow the Rules: If an outdoor area has signs saying that dog’s must be leashed its important that you abide by these rules. People with fearful dogs or people who are fearful of dogs themselves likely select these outdoor spaces on purpose thinking that they will not have to encounter off-leash dogs that may or may not be under control. It is unfair to allow your dog to break the rules and run off-leash in these areas.
  2. Stay Aware: When you are out with your dog, keep your dog within your sight at all times if they are off-leash. Keep an eye on the trail or road ahead and behind. If anyone comes along, call your dog close to you, leash them if they aren’t already, move them to the side as needed and have them sit so that others may pass undisturbed. If someone would like to greet your dog, this allows time for a discussion rather than either party making assumptions about what the other may prefer. Never, ever assume that it’s okay for your dog to run up to a person or another dog. People and dogs may be fearful and your dog could cause them trauma even if he/she is friendly. Allowing your dog to run up to other dogs is also quite dangerous for your dog.
  3. Pick up after your dog: Most people understand that it’s respectful to pick up your dog’s poop if they are walking through a neighborhood. But, what you may not realize is that you really ought to pick up after them in the woods as well, particularly on heavily traveled trails. If no one picks up after their dogs on a wooded trail it can take very little time before its completely trashed. For more on why picking up poop is important, check out our blog on that topic.
  4. Take the Poop Home: Unless there is an outdoor trash bin for the specific purpose of poop disposal, take your bag of poop home to dispose of in your own receptacle. It is quite bad etiquette to toss your bag of poo in a neighbor’s trash, and business owners have to pay for their dumpsters and do not want members of the public discarding things in them.
  5. Curb your dog in neighborhoods: Dog urine can do a number on lawns, leaving yellow burned patches in the grass. It can also damage plants in people’s gardens. When you are walking your dog through residential areas, be sure to keep your dog off of people’s private property.

Following good etiquette with your dog helps contribute to dogs being welcome in the places you visit. Keep this in mind as you enjoy time out and about with your favorite pup.

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