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Selecting and Purchasing a Pet Should be a Carefully Considered Decision

Selecting and Purchasing a Pet Should be a Carefully Considered Decision

In recent years, the popularity of reviews online for businesses has grown exponentially, and here at Pet World we are no exception. We are incredibly grateful for the many of you who have taken time to write positive reviews of our store. These reviews are important to us as a local, family-operated, small business. We are particularly proud to hear mentions of our core values: quality care of our animals, cleanliness, and knowledgeable staff.

We know we can’t please everyone, and we sometimes make mistakes. Some negative reviews are inevitable, and we are also grateful to have that information so that we can strive to improve our service and products.

However, there is one type of review that we've seen a few of lately that we feel requires some discussion. Customers seem to be occasionally off-put by our refusal to view animals as pure commodities.

You see, this is also something we pride ourselves on here at our store, and we know most of you appreciate it as well.

When you come to Pet World looking to buy an animal, we are probably going to ask you questions. We are going to provide you with information about the animal. We are going to be insistent that you confirm that you are willing to provide the animal with adequate shelter and proper food. We do this because we want you and your animal to have an enjoyable experience together. The health and well-being of pets is strongly impacted by their care, and we want to make sure you fully understand what their care entails, including all of the drawbacks we know about. We are not trying to talk you out of getting a pet, we are trying to help you make an informed decision. We love these opportunities to get to know our customers!

Sometimes when you come to our store, you’ll see signs that our animals are “not available for sale.” These are nearly always new arrivals. We like to monitor them and let them settle into our care before we sell them so that we can ensure that they are healthy first. Occasionally, it may be frustrating that we won’t let you see one of these animals but being handled is stressful and will not contribute to their comfortable adjustment.

Likewise, we don’t allow every customer who would like to hold an animal to do so. Please remember that we get this request A LOT. Again, being handled by strangers is stressful; if we allowed the animals to be handled all day by everyone who came in and asked, it would greatly increase the incidence of illness and injury to the animals. We try to limit handling to people evaluating the pet for purchase to keep their handling experiences to a comfortable limit.

We do not sell animals to go and live in college dorms. We also don’t sell them immediately before the holidays to be given as gifts. In the case of college, animals are typically not allowed in dorms and we want to ensure safety. These requests are also often impulsive purchases and we’d like people to take time before they decide to buy an animal. Sometimes we think an animal will be a great gift, but the recipient doesn’t agree, or isn’t ready. This happens often enough that we strongly discourage buying a pet as a gift. We will gladly take the time with you to help you buy all of the supplies that pet will need. That provides an excellent gift to open, while allowing the recipient to decide that they truly want the pet and to pick it out themselves.

We are sorry that occasionally people feel that we are being too selective about our animal sales. We are not trying to alienate anyone. We are sorry that there have been customers who felt that we were treating them rudely. That is certainly never our intention. We are, however, a business that cares more about doing right by the animals we sell than the number of sales we have, and we hope you agree with that priority.

Please, encourage those you know to take time with their decisions to buy pets. Do research, get the right supplies and health information, talk to people who know about that animal. We are always happy to provide our visitors with information.

We are very sensitive to the plight of animals being treated as disposable in our society today. Our animals are our family, and we know that to be true for the vast number of people who walk through our doors each day. Our pets bring us great joy, and when they are happy, we are happy. Hence our tagline, “Happy Pets, Happy People.”

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