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Keeping cats active can help with their health

Keeping cats active can help with their health

We all know how important exercise is for our health, and most dog owners know how important it is to walk their dogs to keep them happy and healthy. Yet, with cats, we often fall short in the exercise department.

Younger cats do a pretty good job keeping themselves active. Any kitten owner who has experienced a kitten stampede through their home, or who has had the unfortunate experience of their cat climbing the curtains or the Christmas tree knows all about this. But as cats age, particularly when they are indoors, they tend to move less and less unless their owners take an active role in keeping them moving. And even for those spry kittens, providing appropriate toys and activities can prevent the troublesome behaviors mentioned above and will encourage them to burn energy in a more productive manner.

We recommend that every cat owner have a variety of toys for their cats to enjoy. We have hundreds of toys you can choose from, but here are a few staple cat toy types that we encourage you to try:

  1. A cat tree. Cat trees are not necessarily an interactive toy for you and your cat, however they fulfill multiple roles in your cat’s healthy lifestyle. Perhaps most importantly, they allow your cat to scratch, stretch, and climb without using your furniture and causing damage. They also allow your cat a place to lounge, which every cat enjoys. We carry a variety of cat furniture at the store that is durably built and typically lasts for many years. We have different styles to suit your preferences. With younger cats, the taller the better with your cat furniture, but older cats may prefer a lower perch.
  2. Cardboard scratcher/toy combinations. One of our favorite toys is the Turbo Scratcher. This is a toy with a replaceable cardboard scratching pad in the center and a ball on a track that circles around it for the cats to play with. The play element encourages the cats to scratch on it. This is another toy that is long lasting and durable. Similarly, there are toys without scratchers that have contained balls that cats can swipe at with their paws and send around and around a track. These are great toys that cats can play with on their own, or with a little help moving the ball from their owners.
  3. Interactive wand toys. There are a variety of cat toys available that have a wand for you to hold with various attachments on a string at the end for your kitty to chase. These are excellent toys for exercising your cat interactively. You wave the toy around and your kitty can run, jump, chase catch and wrestle the toy. These are especially great for when kids would like to play with the kitty because they help to keep children’s hands away from the cat’s claws and teeth while they play.
  4. Catnip toys and balls. The variety of small toys available with and without catnip is extensive. These include small stuffed mice, balls, socks, plastic toys with bells in them, and more. These small toys can be played with independently by your cat, or you can throw them for your kitty to chase. We even know a few cats who have learned to play fetch with their owners!

If you are looking for some new toys for your cats to enjoy come in and see us to check them out. If you are looking for anything specific that we don’t carry we are always happy to complete special orders for you when possible. Happy playing!

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