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Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life with Enrichment Activities

Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life with Enrichment Activities

Enrichment is a concept that is growing in popularity in the pet sector. While not always known by that name, pet owners are developing a better understanding that their pets often need mental stimulation on a regular basis, not simply physical exercise.

It seems that folks most often associate this with dogs. Dog owners are nearly ubiquitously familiar with Classic Kong toys, and many owners have invested in other types of enrichment items such as the Planet Dog Snoop toy, The Omega Tricky Treat Ball or the Hide-A-Squirrel Plush toy. Not familiar with these items yet? Come visit us and we can show you numerous enrichment items for dogs.

But here’s the scoop. All of your pets should have daily enrichment as a part of their routine. One of the easiest ways to provide this type of mental exercise is to feed your pet in ways that require a bit of work rather than just eating their food out of a bowl. We carry items that can provide mental stimulation and entertainment to many types of pets.

House cats often don’t get as much enrichment as could benefit them. Did you know that there are cat toys that you can use to feed you cats similar to the larger dog toys? Trixie makes a bunch of fun options. One of our favorites is their 5-in1 Activity Board. The Petsafe Egg-cersizer is a fun toy you can feed your cats from. Turbo Scratchers also offer a combination of interactive fun and a pad to scratch on. Think about ways that you can allow you cats to work a little harder to solve puzzles for their food instead of just gulping it from their bowls and taking a nap.

Don’t forget that your small animals need activities as well. Most owners supply their pets with exercise wheels for smaller pets and time outside their cages for larger pets like rabbits. But you can provide them chew toys and create puzzles for them to access their food as well. You can even train your small animals to complete simple exercises and have them earn their favorite treats this way. Seed stick treats allow small animals to work a little harder for their food as well.

Birds are notoriously intelligent and need enrichment to exercise their brains as well. Positioning treats for them up ladders they have to climb and providing their food in foraging systems are excellent ways to enrich their lives. Be sure they have a variety of items to climb and chew as well. Chewing and dismantling bird-safe toys provides hours of entertainment.

Be sure that your reptiles and amphibians are also provided with entertaining activities. Supplement formulated diets with feeding live crickets and mealworms as is appropriate for your pet so that they can get in some natural hunting activity. Use your pet’s natural skills to entertain them, climbers can be fed up high while ground dwellers might like to dig in their terrarium substrate for food.

There are literally thousands of options for making your pet’s life more interesting and fun with enrichment toys and activities. Come in and ask our associates to show you their favorites on your next visit to the area!

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