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August is National Immunization Awareness Month

August is here and summer is in full swing. With plenty of sunshine and hopefully some relaxation, it is time to take a moment to celebrate national immunization awareness month with your furry friends. Your pet’s health is just as important as your own, and being up to date on the necessary immunizations your pet requires is one way to ensure they have a long and happy life.
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Keeping an Eye on Your Pet’s Dental Health

One aspect of pet care that can be easy to forget is dental health. Just like humans, pets need regular check-ups for their teeth. While taking your pet to the vet regularly is an important part of being a pet owner, it may be easy to forget the importance of the vet checking on your animal’s dental health during these visits.
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Pet of the Month – Meet the Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders have gotten a lot of hype over the last couple of years. This is likely due to the fact that they are…you guessed it, incredibly cute. Pet World is one of the few locations licensed in Massachusetts to sell sugar gliders and our team of pet experts have all the information you need to determine if a sugar glider is the right addition to your family.
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Selecting and Purchasing a Pet Should be a Carefully Considered Decision

In recent years, the popularity of reviews online for businesses has grown exponentially, and here at Pet World we are no exception. We are incredibly grateful for the many of you who have taken time to write positive reviews of our store. These reviews are important to us as a local, family-operated, small business. We are particularly proud to hear mentions of our core values: quality care of our animals, cleanliness, and knowledgeable staff.
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Kitty City Cat Cam

Live streaming is only available between 11am and 9pm.

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Kitty City Cat Cam at Petworld Natick