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Is that dog sweater really necessary?

Is that dog sweater really necessary?

There are many types of dog owners and many ways for you and your dog to enjoy each other. We have some customers who dress their dogs up every day and others who have never considered it.

While certainly, items like Halloween costumes are totally optional, be careful not to scoff at the idea of a sweater or jacket for your canine companion. While huskies and malamutes and other arctic breeds thrive in cold weather, many dogs do not have sufficient fur to keep them warm for long durations of time outdoors in the New England winter.

When you have your dog outdoors in the cold, you should watch for signs of cold or distress such as shivering, exaggerated panting (without strenuous exercise), hesitation or refusal to walk, or other changes in behavior.

If your dog seems to be cold, you should purchase a jacket or sweater to keep them warm on chilly days. We carry a variety of options from sweatshirts to thermal coats to sweaters and snowsuits and more.

We recommend that you bring your dog to the store if they are social and friendly so that we can help you determine the appropriate size for them to wear.

Also consider protection for your dog’s feet. While they certainly have tougher feet than we humans do, their feet can get cold in the winter snow, and worse, road salt can actually cause burns and pain. Consider getting booties for your dog to wear to protect them (and as an added benefit keep the salt out of your home!), or you can purchase a balm like Musher’s Secret to protect them before they go out into the ice and snow. We carry a variety of doggy footwear for your canine companion from disposable paw covers to high-end sled dog boots.

Winter is so much more enjoyable if you can get outside and enjoy it with your furry friend. Make sure they are comfortable and protected and then get out there and have some fun!

If your dog loves their winter wear, post pictures on our Facebook so that we can see them celebrating winter!

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