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Being Home with Your Pet – Tips for Staying Entertained During Social Isolation

Being Home with Your Pet – Tips for Staying Entertained During Social Isolation

Given the recent changes concerning COVID-19 and the worldwide guidelines for social isolation, more people are working from home. The increased time at home has some added benefits for our furry friends.

Pets all over the world are rejoicing to see more of their owners throughout the day! In a time of getting to spend more time with our animals, we have some tips for how to help out and get involved with your critter.

  • Training your pet – Now may be the time to work on those skills you have been putting off with your beloved pet. With thousands of videos on YouTube, and trainers all over the country switching to virtual visits, you can begin the work of training your dog or puppy on the basics or practicing some more complex skills. You can even play around with training other pets, like cats. They love having something to do and it provides you with a challenge.
  • Exercising and playing your furry friend – Whether you have a dog you can walk outside or you have a hedgehog that likes to play around in your lap, exercising your pet is a great way to stimulate them and keep you entertained. You can use toys you already own, a homemade tinfoil ball, or look online for some new chasers, interactive toys, or more. Even just spending time with your pet one-on-one and interacting can help provide care for them while providing you with some much needed social interaction.
  • Adopting an animal – Shelters all over the world are seeing an uptick in animal adoptions, as people prepare themselves for social isolation. Having a pet at home provides a number of motivators for staying busy. Additionally, pets provide great company and support during trying times. Giving yourself a task and an animal to spend time with is a great idea. Also, you are supporting animals who need a home!
  • Fostering an animal – Not quite ready to make a commitment to owning a pet? You can still help out and get the benefits of having an animal at home by fostering. In support of local animal shelters, you can offer to temporarily house an animal until a forever home is found. Often this will come with support for buying food and other supplies. Foster a pet to get some company and to fill some of your new increase in free time!
At Pet World, we understand that a lot of changes are afoot. We are big fans of the support provided by animals and think that spending this time with a pet can really help. Our animal friends provide some of the best entertainment and support. Stay well and tell your pet hello from the Pet World family!

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