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5 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Enjoyable for your Pet

5 Ways to Make Halloween Safe and Enjoyable for your Pet

Ah yes, ‘tis the season of ghosties and ghoulies and jack-o-lanterns galore. Halloween is a light and festive holiday for many, but it poses some potential risks for your beloved pets. Here are some tips to make sure your furry family members stay safe and comfortable this holiday.
  1. Make sure your pets are wearing identification.It is best practice to have any pets with potential risk for escaping microchipped in order to increase their odds of being returned to you should they get loose. Wearing identification tags so that good Samaritans can easily reach you should they find your pet in the first place.
  2. Create a safe space for your pet.It is great fun for many of us to dole out candy at the door and see all of the fun and creative costumes that the neighborhood children are sporting. However, for the vast majority of pets, hearing the doorbell ring or knocking take place over and over, and seeing potentially frightening little creatures appear outside your front door might just be their worst nightmare. If you know that these festivities are not your pet’s favorite, its best to put them away in a safe room or crate during the high trick-or-treat times. You can practice this ahead of time for pets who are not used to being confined. Have them spend very short periods confined with their absolute favorite treats or chews so that they can practice relaxing in that space and associate it with good things. This method serves two purposes. It prevents the escapes noted above and it reduces your pet’s overall anxiety about those scary creatures at the door.
  3. Keep candy up high in a sealed containerMany types of candy are toxic to pets. Chocolate and the artificial sweetener Xylitol are particularly dangerous, but eating nearly any type of candy has the potential to make your pet quite ill. Be sure that your Halloween candy is stored in containers that your pets cannot access and keep those containers well out of reach.
  4. Only use pet costumes if your pet is comfortable in themAt Pet World we love a cute dog costume. But, we never encourage our customers to put costumes on pets that might find it to be a frightening experience. If you want to have your pet wear a costume, make sure that it fits your pet properly and does not restrict their motion, vision, or breathing. Have your pet try on the costume at a quiet time first and watch for any signs of stress. If a costume stresses your pet out, it is not worth having them wear it. All pets should be supervised 100% of the time they are wearing any type of costume to make sure they are safe and comfortable and to be sure they don’t ingest any pieces of it.
  5. Keep decorations out of reach.Be careful to pay attention to any decorations you may put up for Halloween. Be sure that they are either inaccessible to your pet or your pet is supervised whenever they are in the proximity of your decorations. Candles lit in jack-o-lanterns are a common cause of injury to curious kitties. Wires might tempt many pets to chew, while various fabrics and materials like pretend spider webs may be hazardous if ingested. Use caution when decorating a home with pets.

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